Monday, April 18, 2011

WinFone Alpha application will be removed from the Windows Phone Marketplace

I am sorry to say that we will be removing the WinFone Alpha application from the Windows Phone Marketplace this afternoon as the application is currently in violation of the Wolfram Alpha terms of service regarding deep linking to their website. Any users that have previously downloaded the application or that manage to download it before it is removed from the marketplace will still be able to use the program, but we will not be releasing any updates in the future. If anyone else wishes to access the Wolfram Alpha service on their phone, we highly recommend that you use the Http:// webpage and set it as a bookmark in IE or shortcut on your home screen.

Shortly after releasing the application we were contacted by the very friendly people at Wolfram Alpha, and after a great discussion with them we are voluntarily removing the application today at their request. We still <3 Wolfram Alpha and are glad to have had the opportunity to promote the use of their most excellent service on the Windows Phone platform. We look forward to if/when an official Wolfram Alpha application may be/is available for Windows Phone.

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