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UPDATE 4/18/2011: WinFone Alpha has been removed from the marketplace... More Details

WinFone Alpha is a free Wolfram|Alpha client for Windows Phone 7 that provides easy access to all the information and knowledge available through the online answer engine powered by Mathematica. Check out the examples of what can be done using Wolfram|Alpha. Also see 10 cool things you can do with Wolfram|Alpha and another list of useful everyday searches.

- Quick access to common symbols and text
- Date selector
- Time selector
- Number / Symbol keyboard access
- View results in full browser for copy/paste access
- Supports both Landscape and Portrait modes

WinFone Alpha is sponsored by PhraseMeme Scanner, a barcode and QR Code scanning on Windows Phone 7 with an unlimited and fully functional free trial.

Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica were created by Wolfram Research and are registered trademarks of Wolfram Alpha LLC. WinFone Alpha is not affiliated with or endorsed by Wolfram|Alpha, Mathematica, or Wolfram Alpha LLC.

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